1st Thing First
why'all niggas better recognize
First you better recognize G.P.
Yeah yeah, ain't nuthin but attitude up in here, knahmean
So peep next tight things baby

1st things first, you better recognize G.P.
F*ck all that other bullshit basically
Don't really care who you be with nigga
We comin through, keep your finger on the trigger

[June Luva]
I keep creatin, producin flavor
That I gave ya like sugar from a neighbor
Save ya self cause I can't hold it back any longer
Feelings of hate is gettin stronger
Somethin in my mind's takin over me
Could it be the grim reaper controllin me
I don't know but I'm sick of this shit
One minute a nigga's insane the next legit
But check it, I'm on this mission like the one David Banner
And through my travels I erupt in such a manner
Of explosion, some say that I'm the chosen
Wisdom that I speak leavin niggas stiff frozen
So gimme mines black, you know what I'm askin for
The utmost respect or I'm gonna tap that jaw
Better yet I'm tired of playin mister nice guy
Take the two piece combo to your eye
Uppercut, uppercut as I'm smashin
Consecutive body blows, ribs I'm crashin
The next time you want to flex better do it in a different direction
Cause all this is my section

[Down Low Recka]
I'ma get mine, as long as I do instead of try
Don't sweat I punk, go suck a dick and die
It's business, order number one catch wreck
Second I'ma go state to state (third) make connects
Next when I get there it'll be urgent
To stain your clean style washed in detergent
Don't fight, I observe the street life is trife
Bite in a car gettin your guts scarred
No food, your th

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