DJ turn it up
Let's go
Three one two one
It's loco right?

Through the gates, knock on the door
Put you're clothes in the pile on the floor
Take you're pick from the Japanese robes and sandals
Drink champagne from a glass with chocolate handles

Don't you wanna come? Three one two one 
Gonna be so much fun three one two one
That's where the party be three one two one 
You can come if you want to,
But you can never leave

Look over there
There's another turn-on
Butterflies scared that they're going to be awake all night long
Dancin' in you're belly
Like a ballerina
In spit of you're efforts to calm them down


House party ya'll
It's going down people
Like the wall of Berlin

Lock the door
'Til you see the sun
We gon' party like there ain't gonna be	 another one
Futuristic fantasy
This is where the purple party people be	
This is where the party be three one two one


It's goin' down, people
Like the wall of Berlin

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