That was the beginning
An almost perfect match
That would never come apart
I was a dreamer
A poet from the past
But every word came from my heart
I might have been precious
I might have been tough
I could have been meaner then
Or just a little rough
But I would have died for you
And that was a different man

Forever and ever
All ahead full
Of these days I have no regrets
So wild and abandoned
Deep under your spell
Of these hours are none second-best
I might have been freer then
I could be a fool
Maybe I was younger
And had nothing to lose
I might have cried easier
That was a different man

I've still got my humor
I still can make you laugh
You won't see me sinking low
I'm looking for no one
Though I'm good at looking back
Back to places I'll never go
It might have been winter
It could have been spring
Maybe I was thinner then
Times could have been lean
And I might have needed you
That was a different man

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