Momma's little baby's gone bad
From her lips down to her shoes
She's gone and sold up everything she had
Bought a ticket to the blues

There was silence when she left here
I remember not a tear that fell
Now we cry like little children
On a broken down carousel

Ain't love the strangest thing

They say that lovers have their secrets
That no on else can hear
Sometimes a whispered heart beat
And sometimes they disappear

Ain't love the strangest thing
It picks you up
And brings you down
It's a miracle
Goes round and round
It makes you laugh
It makes you cry
From black and blue
You wonder why

Oh I been wonderin'
As the night goes beggin'
Baby, can't you hear my plea?
Oh I've been thinkin' about it
Before the night is over
Baby, you'll lyin' here next to me

Secret vows and deception
In every lousy hotel room
And in the face of every stranger
You're seeing someone that you knew

Ain't love the strangest thing

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