When this is over, over and through
And all them changes have come and passed
I want to meet you in the big sky country
Just want to prove mama, love can last
Like hallelujah in the big sky country
Just like forever and ever is why
Be getting over in the big sky country
Be kissing time, kissing time goodbye
God knows it's all benn done
Let me tell you why
'Cause you held my number, you held my name
You held my body through the thick and thin
On a bed of roses in the big sky country
Spread out to love you, love you in your second skin

Hallelujah mama, razzle dazzle mama
Probably got lights on all over the place
Hallelujah, I mean glory hallelujah
If I could only come 'round once and see your face
So just watch them lovers out on parade
You watch them lovers while they slip and slide
They gonna prove it to the big sky country
Just gonna prove it while the whole world collides