Lord, I wonder what could happen?
Ain't nobody here but me
All these empty bottles on the table here
I know I didn't drink all this by myself
I must have a blues hangover

What's this?
My check?
And I don't have change for a grasshopper, and that's two tickets
Here come Bro
Sent him and his donkey
But he ain't got no money
Look like he done lost everything he ever has had
Ain't that the come-off?

Hear me
I done gave my baby twenty dollars for a Christmas present
And all I got was this slice of jelly cake
And Santa ate that up
Now, that's a whoop jelly

Well, I believe I'll go back on the stem now
With James, Rudolph, and Tomcat
Get my head bad again
Don't seem like nothin' goin' right for me today
All right
Here I go
Same old thing again
Look out, now!

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