In the mall one day I saw you
Walking past
And then I looked again and
You were gone
Well anyway I thought about
When I last talked to you
And how I prayed for you
And how I told you things would be fine
In time you would be okay
If that was you then God bless


And I'm glad to see you doing
So much better
I remember when you made 
A big mistake 
And had to go away 
And when your time was spent
You did all you could to prove 
You had changed 
So many people didn't want to give a 
Second chance
But you didn't let that keep you from getting on your feet again


I really want to let you know, I'm so
Happy for ya
Ya didn't let nothing hold you back
You did just what you had to
To change your situation and get
Yourself together 
Made it through whatever
Wishing you the best


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