People, I was sittin' this mornin' with this on my mind
Said there ain't no livin' man who gone around the world three times
John Glenn done it, yes he did
He did it, I'm talkin' about him only did it for fun

Half a million dollars made him feel so well
He got to eatin' his lunch and couldn't hardly tell
He said, "I feel all right", John Glenn said it
Everybody was laughin' and dipped in the gritty

It was a million prayer went up, prayin' that he would land
I looked at a school house full of men and they didn't know what to say
But they said, "Let him come back, God, please let him land
You know that's the onliest man ever did it and You're the helpin' hand"
I'm gonna turn out to be one [Incomprehensible]

I see him when he left but I didn't see him when he land
But I know he was doin' all right when they said, "It is okay
To give him a great big hand, he'll be in on the ship, they say he's on deck”
His mother say, “I know my son gonna make it
It ain't never been no mistake”

You know I gonna tell you somethin', this ain't lyin'
You know that man must had on his mind flyin'
It ain't nobody will take that for his tryin' unless they gonna build him
His own self airplane and they gonna go flyin'

They told him, "Don't worry, this is true", you may miss me
For a few minutes but I'll be back to see about you, he did
Yes he did, yes, when he done it
Didn't know [Incomprehensible] helicopter

You know they tested that boy's body, they even test his heart
They know he was all right when he was gettin' to start
I mean he's made it, he went around the world three times
You know he went and got him an airplane
And he made up and had it on his mind

That's what he had on his mind
He didn't have no kid and he didn't have no digs
He just had it on his mind flyin'

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