There's one thing that a woman can't live without,
And that's a man!
There's one thing that keeps a woman always in doubt,
And that's a man!
Now I'm no exception to this rule,
I know thay say that I'm a fool,
But there's one thing that I'm simply crazy about,
And that's my man!

He's not good looking, not handsome or tall,
I couldn't tell you how he made me fall;
There's nothin' to him, but still and all,
He's a good man to have around!

Ge's not a stepper, can't even waltz,
In conversation he stammers and halts;
Poor little sweet man, with all his faults
He's a good man to have around!

And at times when I fly off my lid,
"Go this minute!", I shout,
But if he did,
I would die without him!

He's not exactly my ides of
The perfect lover from heaven above!
But what's the difference, the man you love
Is a good man to have around!

You wouldn't like him, he's not on the show;
Not to be trusted, I learned long ago!
Just good for nothin', But I don'y know,
He's a good man to have around!

When dinner's over, I turn and he's gone,
I hear him sneakin' along about dawn!
I don't say nothin', 'cause from then on
He's a good man to have around!

And at times, when he starts to row,
I don't care if I live!
But he knows how to make me forgive him!

Bought a revolver, I don't mean for fun!
I oughta shoot him for things that he's done!
But I can't pull the trigger, son of a gun!
He's a good man to have around!