Thank you
Hey, babe, it's all right
Hey, hey, babe, it's all right
Treatin' me evil, but I keep on lovin' you
Sometimes, sometimes, baby, you treat me so mean

I wanna get a little bit of peace of mind
I go down in the den and get some rest
Hey, hey, hey, hey, I still love you, baby
Wow, baby, I still love you, baby
There's no matter how you treat me--I'm still gonna hang around
Sometime have friends in my livin' room

I don't wanna see my friends see a big man cry
I go into my dark room and sit down on my bed and cry
Hey, hey, it's all right

Oh, make it funky
Good dog

I better go down, baby, baby
I better go now, baby
I don't want trouble
I am an easy-goin' fellow
I don't want trouble

Hum, hmm, mmm
I don't want trouble, hon'
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
I better go
Don't want trouble
Have mercy

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