Laying here in the heat of the night
like two lovers do
Sandpaper breath in my throat
trying to get next to you
Looking for a word
Gotta have a word
Need a good word to say
next to you 2x

Well we try and we try and we cry and we try
nothing more left to
working hard at the same old crime
I'm bored of it and so are you
Damn these old lies, damn the chains
Damn the spoken truth
Damn the past i can't erase
god-damn you

Well i kick my fate 'cause you like the tears
but i kick away stubborn pride
Don't say that you are really that amazed
at the lack of love you find inside
You can take apart a life with dynamite
You can take apart of life with no faith
You can take apart a life with endless strife
but you take apart love with hate
Next to you 2x

I'm an old hand
I've been down here before
I'm an old hand
I know my way across this floor

Fire in the darkness will get you through
but luck you're going to always need
Sometimes a man and woman just gotta move ahead
Take a bow when it's over and leave
Settle for the passion
level of trust
Settle for a price to pay
Settle for love in a fucked up world
Settle for the take away
Next to you 2x