Girl, I can't get you out of my mind 
Just one look, I knew you were on of a kind 
Your love is hot 
So give me all you've got 
I need your love 
Too much is not enough 

One way love, thought we had something 
Girl you played me for a fool 
Should of held back all my loving 
Didn't know there were no rules 
One way love, now I'm still crying 
Tears are falling like the rain 
But I know I'll keep on trying 
Why you put me through this pain 

You said our love had passed the test 
But then you left me like all the rest 
That night we fought you knew you had been caught 
I knew the plan 
You found, you found another man 


Now, it's over, you're out of my life 
And I won't make the same mistake twice 
You broke my heart 
You knew it from the start 
You were my world 
But I've found, I've found another girl 


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