Well, she hobbled up the porch steps
With her crutches and her broken leg
She missed me with a smile
Walked straight across my heart
And right on over to him

I said, "Rita, I tried to call you"
Tim looked at me and he said, good night
I couldn't hold my tears as I stared up at the stars
In the August sky

I said, "Rita, won't you come on in?
Hey, Rita, child, now, where ya been?"

She looked out into the night
Through the broken porch screen
She said she thought that we were closer
She expected more from me

I said, "Now, honey, I thought about you
And all that you'd been through
But the day your daddy died
I just didn't know what to do"

"Rita, I see our trust is gone
How long do we have to pay
For what's been left undone?"

Rita takes her sandals off
And walks barefoot in the grass
With one arm around my shoulder
As if she were using me for balance

I said, "Rita, I'd like to see you
Even if we're only friends
I know if you forgive me, Rita
I'll forget and you'll remember
You always remember"

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