My hands are wrapped in your raven hair
In the faded picture on the back stair
We were narrow, we were steady, trembling and ready
To give it hell in this rocky world

You said do I look like I could be a strong mother?
And raise the good side of a young daughter
In the hotel Shangri La, let me tell you
I've been thinking of her in this rocky world

Chicago is heavy but I can't turn around
I'm smuggling that whiskey over flesh and pound
Michigan I worry and Suzy I'm sorry
That I lost you out there in the rocky world

Would you build me a building, a chapel out there
At the top of the hill in the still blue air
Near the weather vane, by the track and train?
I'll be looking for you in the rocky world

She's turning twenty, and out on the make
Pounding the blacktop with a habit to shake
She's looking for a manger in the eyes of a stranger
Down in the streets of a rocky world

Jenny has religion, she sinks in a chair
She's made a decision to color her hair
The black man cut the sugar cane and she watches the rain
In a building away from the rocky world

Yeah, I'll tell you something I'll never forget
The sight of you in the silhouette
Outside Sault. Ste. Marie, ah you really threw me
When you pulled me down to your rocky bed

In a crowded room, I stood there empty
Looking for salvation and glory be
When a shot turned my head and I saw you instead
Walking into my rocky world

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