Ah, this? about two cats, they?re sitting? down by a river in the swimps. (and) They?re sittin? there on a log. This one of ?em is a kind of a big fella and (the) other?n is a little bit smaller and he?s got a long ?billed cap. And they? sitting there pondering on what they? gonna do for the night. And anything the big-guy says (to him) the little guy is for; ?cause he digs, and he? ( ), ?cool.?
So it?s called, ?Roosevelt & Ira Lee?

The river was dark and muddy,
And the moon was on the rise.
And all of the creatures in the swamp-land
Had woke up to feed for the night.

Roosevelt and Ira Lee (huh!) were sittin? there on a log,
And Ira Lee turned to Roosevelt and said, 
?I?d sure like to have-a me some BULLFROG(s).?

He said, ?Yeah. YEAH! Lord.(!) Sure would taste good!?

So they slipped on their rubber boots,
And walked down to the water?s edge.
And right away they knew the night would be a bummer,
?cause Ira Lee stepped on a Water Mocc-sin head.

He said, ?uuhOh, -uuOH! LORD! Somebody help me!? (heh-heh-heh.)

Ira Lee turned to Roosevelt
(when he quit his screaming and kickin?)
And he said, ?Let?s forget about the Bullfrog Legs, and go out and steal some chickens.?

Ol? Roosevelt said, like this now, ?Yeah. Yeah! OO-oo-oui! Sure would taste good!... ?Yes it would. (I love my chicken.)? 

Oh, the river was dark and muddy?

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