I'm your god inside tonight.
I run a little piece of heaven through the palm of my hand.
I'm a savior of a lethal control and when you fall
I know exactly where the f*ck you'll land. I've got a little
Black hold for your every little soul. Tell me angle did the
Dust settle on your wings?
You can breathe in fear till the day becomes a year and
We all exactly what the future brings.

My second sight see through you; second skin bleed for you.
I've my time on track, lying flat on my back, staring up into
Your burning skies.
My second sight see through you, second skin bleed for you.
Was I tripping up or am I falling down, I am the hero of my own demise.

And my speaker, preaching to a hushed choir about a love he once lost to
An endless debate saying “don't let me be misread but god is truly dead.
If he can't help me nurse this ache.” But goddamn the way we fall when we
Beckon the call, another crafty motherfucker walks a crooked line.
And now I know it's wrong and god knows I'm right.
I take a stroll anytime I like.

With my aching hand reach for you, burning skin bleed for you.
Laugh at it all until you take the fall.

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