People fight for the basic right to choose
To live a life we don't intend to lose
The time has come when we must all decide
To end our evil ways or let the whole world slide

Who would of thought
That wars were fought to free our nation
We must make the changes
From the basic situation
Ooh yeah, yeah

Listen people
It's all right
When you've fought on foreign soil
Not your very own
'Cause you don't want it destroyed

We are keepin' our own identity
We must look around for ideas to be real
So many of the people have been justified
We must face the truth
'Cause there ain't no real place to hide

Listen people
If it's true that no one really cares
We've got to sacrifice through the changing years
Do the things we feel no matter most of all

So let the people yeah
Sweet music is our home
Please realize happiness is your conviction
You'll find in people all kinds of good reaction
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa


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