You say its difficult
You say its difficult
You seem In love
You say its over
It paints your dour 

Its allright if you live
And just as long as you see... you're the one who puts tar on your wings
Its over... Its over
Its over its all right... its over... don't you see it?

Its over its all right it starts with you
Its allright is over... turn away
Its allright its over you can leave...

Crumbling, the blade falls down

Hands grip for something other than what I hand you

Its easy to blink till the hold notes nomad's, and time and watches you

Local of fame

Forgive no one else

Its allright its over
Its allright
It starts with you
Its allright 
Its over.. don't you see?
Its allright 
Its over... turn away
Its allright... its over... you can leave

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