Now you can't do it fast, it won't be an ? you
I'm not going to bed
Just do it, do it, that's right
Here we go

Saving all my money for a pocketful of love
And food in my tummy
Chocolate and broccoli
Sand and dirt and squashing snails
I'm never going to bed but if I do
Selfish crocodile's coming too

Train sets, birthdays and re-living
Pizzas, diggers and dirty things
What I want is a car like Noddy
And to live with the monkeys in the zoo
I'm never going to bed but if I do
Hungry caterpillar's coming too

He's coming, yeah
He's coming
He's coming, yeah
Here he is

On candy stripe legs, spider man comes
Softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
Looking for the victim, shivering in bed

Searching out fear in the gathering gloom
Suddenly a movement in the corner of the room
And there is nothing I can do and I realize with fright
The spider man is having me for dinner tonight

The spider man is always hungry

Under the covers, boy
You been reading those comics for hours
I bet you didn't know your dad had super powers
Now where's your dinner
When we play down the rules with your ma?
She gave me vexed when me flex me ex-rapism

It'll come son, the way is you'll develop it later on
Also the back river run for nothing but wisdom
'Cause you're the born sky walker, I may be everyone
Now give me your comic book
Go to sleep and don't make your mama come

She the only one with the kryptonite
So I don't wanna hear another peep, alright?

The spider man is always hungry
The spider man is always hungry

?Come into my parlor?, said the spider to the fly
?For I have a little something here?

Here it comes, here it comes
Here it comes, here he is
Yeah, life bring it on, give it to me
I love it, I can't get enough
I can never get enough
I can't get enough sleep

What is this?
What is it for doing?
So you put them on your ears
And you can hear music

From there?
Yeah, from the microphone
What's that in the microphone?
A diaphragm
I, I speak in the microphone
Heyo, heyo, heyo

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