TNT, gasoline, 
Even nitroglycerin, 
Ain't got the kick of kisses I get now, 
From my honey! 
Tried to call him a name, 
But they all seem much too tame, 
Why's he's so blamed cute-like, 
No name suits my

Sweet man! 
My sweeter than sweet man, 
The steppin'est feet man, 
And that isn't all! 
I claim is just one of my charms, 
When I'm in his arms, 
I yell like, well, I've more to tell about

Sweet man! 
That pleasure-to-meet man, 
My candy-receipt man, 
He taught me to smile! 
One kiss from his red lips, 
Sends my conscience off a cliff! 
My sweet man is drivin' me wild! 

Now, sweet man! 
My heaven complete man! 
My couldn't-be-beat man! 
You haven't half heard, 
He's true as I could expect him to be, 
He sees only me! 
It's true, I know, because he told me so! 

Sweet man! 
So tidy and neat, man! 
My hotter-than-heat man, 
With oceans of style, 
He works so doggone fast, 
I'm like a woman with a past, 
My sweet man is drivin' me wild

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