One, and a two, and a three, and a four 
It is I, man, I come and I knock on your door 
You'd better let me in cause I full a fashion and 
I come with a little rhythm fi make you dance on 

Ina the club and ina the party 
Everybody dance, they're feeling harty 
Whiggle your body and wave your hands and 
Jump around ina style and pattana 

Whether you're black and whether you're white 
When you're ina the party you fi feel allright 
Bassline pumpin', gyal them jumpin' 
Everybody in the party lookin' for something 

Some of them a look this, some of them a look that 
Some a look gyal and even some of them a look man 
Level vibration they're ina the dance, so 
Come crowd and people, just jump and prance 

Take away the colour, erase away the pain 
Let's all live together, we're all the same 
Open up you hearts and open up your minds 
Free to be as one, just about that time 

I to the see to the E to the M to the see 
I see come crowd and people follow me 
With the rhythm and the way that we whiggle and me wine 
With the words make you dance and move you behind 

So wipe you farrid if you'ead a sweat an 
Drink a beer and find the action 
In the vicinity you have the ability 
Dash away the coke and dash away the ecstasy

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