I was goin' through the closet
Back in my old home
Found my letterman's jacket, so I slipped it on
Deep in the pocket, still folded up tight
Was the letter you wrote to tell me goodbye
The minute I saw it I just had to smile
It smelled like old leather, as smooth as a child
I took a deep breath, then put it away
There was no need to read, I knew just what it would say

I know the words by heart, I know every line
From "this ain't easy" to "you'll get along just fine"
I know every comma, every question mark
No, I don't have to look, I know the words by heart

Scenes like home movies flash through my head
The homecoming game, that night on my bed
The words that you wrote still cut me in two
How you said you still cared but that we were through


Ain't it funny how a memory 
Can play tricks on your mind
I don't remember a thing from my classes
But I can quote you every line

I took off my jacket and put it away
With your note in the pocket 
Like I found it that day
Poured me a beer, then pictured your face
And drank a silent toast to things that time can't erase

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

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