Your cash ain't nothing but trash (Take 1). 
Here we go. 
Yeah, you may have heart about the gangster of love and the space cowboy, 
But I'm gonna whip a cat on you right now who's had more trouble, trials and tribulations. 
One, two, three, hey 
It's alright 
Look here 

I was walking down the main track 
One night 
I met a fine chick 
She was built just right 

She stopped when I flashed my roll 
I told her she could have all of my dough 

She turned around and with a frown 
She said this ain't no circus 
And I don't need a clown 

Your cash ain't nothin' but trash [Repeat: x3]

And there ain't no need in your hangin' around 

Just to make a hit with that chick 
I tried to get a Cadillac right quick 
The man at the place he looked so strange 
I had 900 bucks and some change 

We disagreed 
I tried to plead 
Well, he said I ain't a chicken 
And I don't need your feed 


Well, baby you're crawling way past your speed 

I was walkin' into town in my white bucks 
A man with a gun, he said hands up 
I tried to get away but too slow 
He got me and took all of my dough 

I heard him shout 
As he cut out 
Well you ain't lost nothin' 
What you cryin' about 


And he took my watch and I passed out 

I woke up in the arms of a big cop 
Police station 
Next stop 
Judge swung his fist down 
Plunk plunk 

$20 fine cause you're drunk 
Pick up the dough 
And you can go 
All I had was a buffalo 


But I'm sure gonna get me some more

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